Bokhaejeong 700ml(so called Sarijang)


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  • Product Name : Bokhaejeong (so called Sarijang)
  • Raw Material : Rhynchosia Nulubilis, Insan purple bamboo salt powder (9 times burned), sulfur duck, garlic, elm bark, ginger
  • Volume : 700㎖
  • Packing Material : Glass
  • Manufacturer : Insanga Inc. ( made in Korea )

  • This product is a kind of soy sauce made of fermented Rhynchosia Nulubilis, 9 times burned Insan Jukyeom and sulfur duck.
  • Rhynchosia Nulubilis is a kind of small black bean and has been used as supplements of estrogen for preventing postmenopausal osteoporosis and as antioxidative food in oriental medicine.
  • Bokhaejeong is brand name of 'Sarijang(舍利醬)'.
  • Bokhaejeong is fermented under traditional natural conditions, such as in giant crocks and under the sun (see below image).
  • Korean traditional crocks are used for aging and storing many kinds of jukyeom soy sauce products.

  • Take 1/3~1 large spoon of Bokhaejeong 3 or 7 times a day. It is recommended to take 30㎖ a day during 3 months.
  • Bokhaejeong can be used in making soups, seasoning, and dip sauce.

  • This product should be kept in a dark and cool place away from direct sunlight .
  • Due to the nature of this product, some deposit on the bottom would be found but that is not foreign bodies. You may use it without problem.
  • Reference : Ahn Hong-beum (Spring 2004). "Ganjang and Doenjang: Traditional Fermented Seasonings" (in English).